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EX Research Institute is a think tank and planning office specializing in environmental management and urban/regional development. We have been creating intellectual values to the society in order to cope with rising issues. The 21st century, characterized as the century of transformation, is facing new challenges, which we have to identify concrete directions and tools to overcome. In the environmental management area/areas, the challenges include, but not limited to, actions against global warming, utilization of renewable resources, promotion of 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) of wastes, and proper environmental and safety risk management. In the urban development area/areas, the challenges include restructuring regional structure for decreasing and aging populations and realizing feasible urban development in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders - i.e.: general public, authorities, and private institutions. We, EX Research Institute, seek to build a “Sustainable Society" in order to address those challenges from three different directions, “City Planning and Community Revitalization", “Environmental Management", and “Developing Country Assistance". To achieve this goal, we make full use of our tools - i.e. skills and experience of “planning", “consulting", “coordinating", “engineering", and “networking" accumulated through providing services for the last 40 years. We look forward to serving government agencies, research institutions, local authorities, private companies, and/or citizen groups.


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Global implementation of environmental policies

  • Providing support to relevant organizations in implementing environmental agreements
  • Providing support to make global negotiations and study domestic security measures for establishing environmental agreements
  • Expanding Japan’s environmental industry into overseas countries
  • Developing a recycling-oriented society in developing countries
  • Environment control/chemical substance control in Asia
  • Planning an environmentally-friendly city (Smart City)
  • Providing assistance to people at a base of the pyramid (BOP)in developing countries
    (launching community business and improving information accessibility)
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Overseas environmental operations

  • Overseas technical cooperation in environmental fields (ODA-related operations)
  • Measures against climate change in overseas countries and relevant operations
  • Comprehensive consulting services relating to development and management of environmental facilities in overseas countries
  • Support for overseas environmental business and technical transfer through the utilization of various business schemes and financial aid schemes (domestic and overseas financial aid and support projects) (Forming a project, formulating a business plan, and conducting a feasibility study)
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