We aim to provide both
“image of an attractive target” and “concrete solutions”

Since our establishment in 1971, in the three areas of “Environment, Energy, Resources”, “Urban Space, Local Communities”, and “Partnership with Developing Nations”, predicting the trend of the future, we have been boldly addressing multiple challenges and creating social values.

The Paris agreement, which was adopted at the COP21 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) held in December 2015, came into effect on November 4, 2016, and various global measures aimed at 2030 have finally come alive. Moreover, United Nation`s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), formulated in November 2015, also aim at 2030 in 17 areas. In order to achieve a carbon-free world by making greenhouse gas-free in real terms till 2050, urban development and formulation of a socio-economic system with a radically transformed energy use needs to be pursued. In other words, achieving a carbon-free world and developing a sustainable society, as also specified in our philosophy, is necessary.

To counter the challenges that are likely to become more complicated/multi-tiered and intractable, we aim to provide both “image of an attractive target” and “concrete solutions”, and aim to contribute to the society as professionals who work together with stakeholders to solve various challenges.

We look forward to providing our services to ministries, academic research organizations, local governments, community organizations and the private sector.

Chairperson Masato OHNO