Level of waste management can be divided into the following three stages

The 1st Stage
In the 1st stage, waste is safely removed from our living areas.
This stage is composed of a) discharge, b) storage, and c) collection and transportation.

The 2nd Stage
In the 2nd stage the waste stream is safely treated / disposed. This stage is mainly composed of a) intermediate treatment and b) nal disposal.

The 3rd Stage
In the 3rd stage, integrated waste management is realized in which a) waste is reduced in production, distribution, and consumption, b) recycling is promoted, and c) reduce the burden on environment as a whole.

In each stage, with the aim of upgrading waste management practices to reach one stage further with our concept that ‘you can reach if you stretch a little.’ We support enhancing waste management capacity of SWM of cials, experts and general public in developing countries, realizing better living environment, and attaining higher environmental quality.