Improvement of Capacity for Solid Waste Management in Havana city, the Republic of Cuba

Client : JICA
Project Period : August 2009 – September 2014
In this project the capacity of Provincial Direction of Communal Services(DPSC) is strengthened on urban solid waste management through collaboration among cooperative organizations.
There are four components in the project such as:

  1. Comprehensive management capacity for solid waste of DPSC is improved;
  2. Solid waste source separation at Pilot Project Site is promoted;
  3. Capacity of Unidad Provincial Presupuestada de Higiene (UPPH) in organic waste reduction at the source is strengthened;
  4. Capacity of UPPH in the collection and transportation of solid waste is strengthened, and
  5. Capacity of UPPH on landfill design and operation of final disposal site is strengthened.